The BEST Firearms Training for Women - By Women!

There are several reasons why few women feel comfortable using a firearm for self-defense. Compromising the safety of children that live with or visit us, the risk of hurting someone other than our target, and the sobering possibility that we may have to end a life are only a few of the reasons. Your expert instructor at Women of Caliber is very familiar with these reasons as well as many more that women struggle with in trying to reconcile their need for effective self-defense. It is with that awareness that we insist on making our students feel comfortable and confident with the skills that are only available here.

Women of Caliber provides the BEST firearm self-defense training! Why?

Power of Nine Training

  • Women of Caliber is the ONLY firearms training source that is available in which an experienced female instructor teaches other women how to defend themselves with a firearm in order to ensure the utmost in comfort, safety, and precision.
  • Women of Caliber is the ONLY firearm self-defense resource in which women will learn to shoot an exclusive quick-draw self-defense method, at a target the size of a quarter, at a standard self-defense distance of only 7 to 8 feet - AND - learn it in less than one day of professional instruction.
  • Women of Caliber is the ONLY source which trains exclusively in private or semi-private instruction setting for women, by women, in order to ensure that women at all levels of firearm experience can benefit from training that is catered specifically to them.
  • Women of Caliber provides the most comprehensive firearms education so that you can have a firm grasp of the fundamentals in handling and using your firearm which ensures your unquestionable safety, confidence, and competence with your firearms.

A firearm in the hands of competence is known as the great equalizer. As such, Women of Caliber strives to expertly train women of all ages, physical fitness levels, as well as all levels of firearm experience. Regardless of these characteristics, Women of Caliber prides itself on providing a successful learning experience that can benefit each of our students for the rest of their lives.

You get all of this with ONE DAY of training!

Yes, you could shoot like this after one day!

Victory Shot

Sometimes you just have to let loose and go for the victory. With "Power of Nine" shooting, that becomes a whole lot easier and a LOT more fun. The worst day of shooting is better than the best day of nearly anything else, and a good day of shooting sure tops that! Enjoy! V is for Victory! (Video blank? Click here)

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WARNING: Your new-found expertise may cause a strain in your relationships with your fellow male shooters. For some reason the men in our lives don't take kindly to a female shooting better, faster, and more accurate. But hopefully that's a downside you can handle as you enjoy your unfathomable amounts of confidence in your everyday abilities because you will know that when push comes to shove, you are an ASSET to the safety of those you love in your life-including him-instead of a liability. Go easy on them though. Some have shot for decades and have not been able to develop such stellar marksmanship skills that you will acquire in just one training program!

But, a firearm isn't always the answer...

There are many self-defense scenarios in which a firearm is not always the answer. In such instances it's important that a woman possess the ability to quickly assess what alternative assets she has for self-defense and that she's able to make such determinations in the midst of a crisis when her mental and fine motor skills are compromised. As such Women of Caliber has created a street smart self-defense training unlike any other which specifically takes on the tough topic of rape prevention. Whether you're looking for a firearm free option or wanting to expand your possibilities for self-defense, our exclusive Feminine Fortress Program is for you! Find out why countless women consider it to be "the best self-defense class" they've ever taken. WHY?

Feminine Fortress Training

  • Women of Caliber is the only self-defense company which focuses first and foremost on the most important weapon a women possesses - her mental fortitude - and we work very specifically on strengthening that mental asset so that it's ready before the crisis strikes. Every seven seconds a female is raped in the United States, but YOU are not some empty statistic on a website. You are a woman who's capable of determining the outcome of an attempted sexual assault.
  • Women of Caliber takes on the real, raw, scenario of rape prevention and trains you how to use practical, memorable, and effective strategies to safely escape a rape scenario. A woman rarely allows herself to ask and plan for such a traumatic "what if" scenario. But through our Feminine Fortress Program, we show you how a vital strategy that is proven to increase your self-defense success rate to 90%!
  • Women of Caliber recognizes that strength is not the answer when confronted with a determined foe who is most likely stronger than you and is even more likely to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol which would make him oblivious even to a squarely planted punch to the face or kick to the groin. Instead, we work within the perimeters of reality by showing you how to defend yourself with leverage, not strength; memorable practical tactics, not fancy moves which apply to a narrow selection of possibilities - IF you can remember them when you're confronted with the horror of an assault. This is such a foreign concept to most women we believe it bears repeating. You will learn how to use LEVERAGE not STRENGTH to your successful advantage.
  • Through the Feminine Fortress Training events we teach women how to competently recognize and use everyday items as weapons of self-defense against a potential attacker. The more possibilities a woman has to defend herself the more likely is her ability to escape physical and emotional harm and continue to be around for those she loves. We want to ensure that whatever the scenario, you instinctively embrace all of the possible weapon resources around you so that you can come off conqueror.
  • Any seasoned law enforcement officer will tell you that there's no such thing as a perfect crime. A mistake is always made. Our Feminine Fortress Training teaches you how to expose the vulnerabilities of a would-be attacker, exactly what those mistakes are, and how to use them so that you can have the upper hand in your defensive strategies.
  • The best way to win a battle is to never have it begin. Prevention is preferable to having to make a decision to seriously harm, maim, or kill an assailant. Through our Feminine Fortress Training we teach you the most important preventative measures that will not only enable your safety, but also increasing the safety of your neighbors and other community members.
  • 6 out of 10 sexual assaults take place in the home which is why our Feminine Fortress Training offers exclusive training on how to make your home a fortress of safety and an ally in the event you are subjected to a robbery, home invasion, domestic violence or a sexual assault.

As you can see, this isn't your standard self-defense training. Women of Caliber is wholly committed to a fully comprehensive approach to ensuring your safety and well-being. We implore you to take advantage of these revolutionary strategies that have been perfected with real life scenarios of today in mind. Do this for yourself and for those you love so that if there ever is a trouble thrown at you, you will be a formidable asset, not a liability.

By the end of the day it may not be unusual for you to see this...

Pistol Batting Practice

Now this is how batting practice should be! Since this video was posted there's been a 13% increase in wooden bat sales! - Just kidding, but you can clearly see why it COULD happen. This is yet another example of how knowledge of the exclusive "Power of Nine" shooting technique enhances any level of shooting skills. Every shot on this video hits a portion of the bat. This is REAL fun, even if you're not a baseball fan! (Video blank? Click here)

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A Community Comes Together To Prevent Crimes Against Women:

The community is very much involved in accomplishing the goal of preventing rape and other assaults upon women. In order to eliminate the obstacle of expense which might deter some women from participating in this class, community members and businesses generously sponsor the event by providing location, equipment, marketing, and other promotional materials for our special Feminine Fortress events.

Come learn with us and enjoy shooting like this...

Pistol Bowling

Some may consider bowling a boring sport to watch on TV. The "Power of Nine" shooting technique just made it much more exciting. This shooting was accomplished after only 2 hours of range training time learning the Three by Three Unified Protection System! Learning all NINE shooting fundamentals fills in the gaps that the standard 6 or 7 shooting fundamentals leave behind. (Video blank? Click here)